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Action on Sugar

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This year, during Sugar Awareness Week, we will be raising awareness of the health impacts of consuming excess sugar (and calories). The aim of the week is to get people talking about the importance of sugar reduction, and to encourage citizens, the food industry and the government to take action so we can all access and enjoy healthier food. 

So, how can YOU help us to spread the message? 

Whether you are a health professional, a teacher, a young person or a citizen with an interest in sugar and its effects on our health - events held at a local community level as part of Sugar Awareness Week will play a huge part in helping us to spread the message about what happens to us when we consume too much sugar, and the importance of eating less. 

We are asking for GP surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, libraries, work places and the like, around the country, to support Sugar Awareness Week by getting involved online, get writing, and get talking to us!  

Get involved online: 

There are plenty of ways you can take part in activities and engage your communities online: 

  • Try our brand-new interactive game Food Flips! Designed for children aged 5-12 years, this game will help you understand exactly what the colour coded labels on food and drink mean. 
  • Use FoodSwitch to help you create games and quizzes, such as asking people to guess how much sugar is in different food and drinks such as cereals, ready meals or fizzy drinks-compare this to how much we should be having. 
  • Look online for coffee shop nutrition information and test your colleagues to see how much sugar is in their favourite takeaway coffee. 
  • Are you a Bake-off fan? Use our guideto help create some low sugar bakes-Recipe ideas available from Change4Life and BBC. 
  • If you’re cooking with children check out this handy guide from Change4Life 
  • Share a blog post on your website or social media account on why and how we should be reducing our sugar intake-use our fact sheet to help you 
  • Sign up to our newsletter to stay involved with our campaign. 

Get writing:  

As the saying goes “The pen is mightier than the sword” and there are plenty of ways you can support the campaign by putting pen to paper (or fingers on keyboards!)  

  • Support the campaign by writing a letter to your MP [DOC 35KB] and ask them what they are doing to reduce sugar in our food system-you can find out who your MP is here
  • Write to your favourite brands or contact them on social media and ask them to reduce the amount of sugar in products 
  • Write to your local authority or contact them on social media to ask how they are addressing levels of sugar in food and drinks in your community-you can find your local authority here 
  • Write to your favourite restaurants and takeaways or contact them on social media and ask them to provide lower sugar options 

Get talking to us: 

As always, we will be keeping in touch with our community via our social media channels: 

Use the hashtag #SugarAwarenessWeek so we can see your posts! 

  • If you can support the week, please tell us about your plans on Twitter and Instagram. We will be highlighting events taking place on or around the week on our website and social media channels 
  • You can make a donation to Action on Sugar here 

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please pass on to your colleagues who may be interested in supporting National Sugar Awareness Week 2021. 




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