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Action on Sugar


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Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England
"The current and rising rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and dental caries represents a huge challenge to an already busy NHS. The time is now to produce a strong and coherent obesity plan to prevent these costly complications and improve the health and lives of our children."

Professor Simon Capewell, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology University of Liverpool
"Action on Sugar voices the growing concerns of parents across Britain. Our children deserve protection from cheap sugary drinks and aggressive marketing of sugary snacks. When will Mr Cameron Do The Right Thing?"

Amanda Ursell, Nutritionist and Dietitian
"When Public Health England called me in to tell me about the recommendation for free sugars to make up no more than 5 per cent of our calories I took a long look at what my children were eating each day. It wasn't easy getting them down to 19g for Freddie who's 6 and 24g a day for Coco who is 7, even though I have a degree in nutrition and a post grad' diploma in dietetics! However, with lots of swaps and cajoling...we now more or less hit the targets, most of the time. Not easy but I'd say the hard work was worth it because we're all used to it now and eating less free sugars as a result."

  Modi Mwatsama, Registered Nutritionist (Public Health)
“There have been no changes to our high sugar intakes over the last five years, while marketing and promotional activities on food and drinks remain skewed towards cheap sugary products.  We are constantly tempted when we shop for food, clothes, petrol and even when visiting NHS hospitals. The government should act so we no longer have to struggle to be healthy.”
Dr Aseem Malholtra, Cardiologist
“The scientific evidence is clear, poor diet is the single most important factor driving increasing demand on the NHS. Just like with tobacco, government policies that target the whole population to reduce sugar consumption such as taxation will rapidly improve the health of our nation. Inaction on sugar is not an option we can afford”
  Chris Bavin, Green Grocer and Presenter of BBC’s Eat Well for Less
“Child obesity is an urgent situation that requires radical action from our government! We cannot continue to let the industry use sophisticated marketing tools aimed directly at children to sell unhealthy products.”


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