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Over the week we will be raising awareness of the health impacts of consuming excess sugar (and calories) and educating the public to help them to consume less. The aim of the week is to create as much noise as possible to continue to put pressure on the government and industry and to get the public behind us.

So, how can YOU help us to spread the message?

Events held at a local community level as part of Sugar Awareness Week will play a huge part in helping us to spread the message about the health effects of consuming too much sugar and the importance of eating less.

We are asking for GP surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, canteens, libraries, work places and the like around the country to support Sugar Awareness Week by putting on a display or event during the week to encourage people to think about sugar and how it affects their health.

  • Set up a stall, make a sugar pledge or create a poster during the week using the below resources.
  • Support the campaign by writing a letter to your MP or supermarkets to encourage them to reduce the amount of sugar in products.

We also have FREE resources to download online:

  • Our ‘FoodSwitch’ leaflet explaining our free smart phone app that helps you make healthier choices.
  • Do you know how much sugar you should be consuming?  Print off copies of our factsheet for your stand.
  • Collect packaging for different foods and drinks (cereals, fizzy drinks, biscuits, ready meals etc); ask people to guess which contain more sugar; use FoodSwitch to help you.
  • Use sugar cubes to show how much sugar is hidden in foods and drink (1 cube=4g of sugar).
  • Look online for coffee shop nutrition information and test your colleagues to see how much sugar is in their favourite takeaway coffee.
  • Use our guide to help you have a low-sugar bake sale. Recipe ideas available from Change4Life and BBC.
  • If you’re cooking with children check out this handy guide from Change4Life

We also encourage you to join the conversation on social media on our Twitter and Facebook pages #sugarawarenessweek 

If you are able to support the week and participate in any way, please tell us about your plans on Twitter. We will be highlighting events taking place on or around the week on our website and social media. 

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please pass on to your colleagues who may be interested in supporting National Sugar Awareness Week.






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