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Action on Sugar

Sugar Awareness Week Resources

FREE resources to download online:

  • Download our 'Eating out' poster for local events or to display at your school or workplace: Sugar Awareness Week 2018 Eating Out Poster [PDF 1,539KB]
  • Our ‘FoodSwitch’ leaflet explaining our free smart phone app that helps you make healthier choices.
  • Do you know how much sugar you should be consuming?  Print off copies of our factsheet for your stand.
  • Collect packaging for different foods and drinks (cereals, fizzy drinks, biscuits, ready meals etc); ask people to guess which contain more sugar; use FoodSwitch to help you.
  • Use sugar cubes to show how much sugar is hidden in foods and drink (1 cube=4g of sugar).
  • Look online for coffee shop nutrition information and test your colleagues to see how much sugar is in their favourite takeaway coffee.
  • Use our guide to help you have a low-sugar bake sale. Recipe ideas available from Change4Life and BBC.
  • If you’re cooking with children check out this handy guide from Change4Life




























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