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Learning about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption is very important if we want to see a fall in our society's average daily intake. Giving young people information on sugar and advice on how to choose healthier, low-sugar options as well as making them aware of the potential consequences of over consumption is very important. 

A lesson on sugar will fit in anywhere where healthy eating or diet is taught, this could be in PSHE, PE, Food Technology, Science or in an assembly. This information may also be useful to parents who are looking for tips on how to teach their children about healthy eating. 

The following are downloadable worksheets, lesson plans and information from the Public Health England Change 4 Life website:

KS1 Food Detectives toolkit - helping you teach KS1 about 5 a Day and sugar

KS1 Fruit and Veg Snoops PowerPoint presentation - to accompany the Food Detectives KS1 lesson plan

KS1 Sophie's Sugar Smart Day PowerPoint presentation - to accompany the Food Detectives KS1 lesson plan 

KS2 Food Detectives toolkit - helping you teach KS2 about 5 a Day and sugar

KS2 PowerPoint presentation - to accompany the Food Detectives KS2 lesson plan

Classroom cooking toolkit (KS1/2) - easy cooking in the classroom

Eatwell guide (KS1/2) - how to teach the food groups

Food groups and portion sizes (KS1/2) - portion sizes and food groups

Healthy eating and cooking toolkit (KS1/2) - all about healthy snacks

Healthy snacks toolkit (KS1/2) - teaching healthier food choices

Sugar facts leaflet (KS1/2) - sugar facts: ideal for parents or a school newsletter

Healthy eating checklist - whole-school ideas for Head teachers

Sugar Smart parent pack (KS1/2) - providing parents with guidance on sugar 

Polypill Health Benefits Calculator - calculate years of life gained without a heart attack or stroke on preventive medication 

Beat Diabetes Calculator - calculate your weight reduction goal to reduce your excess risk of diabetes

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