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Action on Sugar

Soft drinks survey - media coverage


BBC News: Calls to cut sugar in fizzy drinks
Telegraph: Upmarket fizzy drinks contain more sugar than Coca-Cola
Mail Online: Upmarket' fizzy drinks with more sugar than Coke and Pepsi: Brands of ginger beer and cloudy lemonade have up to four teaspoons more than big brand cola
Independent: Two-thirds of ginger beer contains more sugar that Coca-Cola, research warns
Guardian: Traditional fizzy drinks 'contain more sugar than Coca-Cola
ITV: Sugar reduction targets like 'cutting down on salt
Research finds 'shockingly high and unnecessary' sugar levels in fizzy drinks
‘Middle-class’ fizzy drinks contain most sugar
How much sugar is in your fizzy drink?
Campaigners demand that a 'limit is set on sugar in fizzy drinks’
Calls for Govt to set sugar reduction targets on fizzy drinks
Call to cut sugar in fizzy drinks after ‘shocking’ survey results



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