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Action on Sugar

Media Coverage


National Newspapers:

The Daily Telegraph: Sugar tax to pay for treating obesity, front page
The Times: Sugary foods face being taxed, minister warns, page 23


BBC Breakfast
BBC 2 - Victoria Derbyshire Programme


BBC 5 Live Radio
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
Inverclyde Radio Limited


BBC Online: Tesco to cut soft drinks sugar content

The Independent: Tesco announces plans to cut sugar content of its soft drinks by five per cent every year

Food-navigator: Tesco commits to 5% sugar reduction in own label food and drinks

The Independent: Minister warns food industry could face 'sugar tax'

MailOnline: Tesco to cut sugar in its own-label soft drinks by 5% as pressure falls on other supermarkets to follow suit

The Grocer: Tesco targets kids' drinks in alliance with Action on Sugar

Food Manufacturer: 'Don't take our sugar away,' manufacturers urged

Food Manufacturer: Tesco's sugar slash provokes retailer pressure

Middle East Post: Tesco to cut sugar in soft drinks

Scotsman: Tesco to cut sugar from their soft drinks

The Telegraph: 'Traditional' fizzy drinks contain as much sugar as mass-market varieties

The Financial Times: Food and drink companies counter moves to cut sugar levels

The Guardian: Tesco reducing the sugar in its cola is a good start - but we need a national shift

Yahoo Lifestyle: Cholesterol Is Finally Officially Removed From 'Naughty' List



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