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Breakfast Cereal Media Coverage



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National Newspapers
Daily Mirror: Children’s cereal: 18% rise in sugar, page 11
The Daily Telegraph: Sugar in children’s cereal rises by a third, page 11
Daily Mail: The kids’ cereals with more sugar in one bowl than 7 chocolate fingers, page 35
i from the Independent: More sugar in cereals despite health fears, page 21
The Sun: Cereal Killers – Bowl of Choco Rice has same sugar as 13 Cadbury Fingers
The Times: Breakfast cereal as sugary as seven chocolate biscuits, page 24

The Sun: Cereal killers 1 bowl of Choco Rice has same sugar as 13 Cadbury Fingers
The Telegraph: Does your breakfast cereal contain more sugar than before?
The Telegraph: The 10 most sugary breakfast cereals
Independent: These are the most sugar-packed cereals aimed at your children 
ITV News: Cereals 'more sugary than in 2012' Not so sweet: 'Surprising' sugar spike in UK breakfast cereals, mostly in own label Some breakfast cereals 'as sugary as seven chocolate fingers'
British Baker: Cereal sugar levels up on 2012 Breakfast cereals more sugary than in 2012
The Conversation: How much sugar is lurking in your cereal? Here are the top five worst offenders
Cornish Guardian: Some breakfast cereals have more sugar than seven chocolate fingers, say charity researchers These are the breakfast cereals that contain the most sugar 
Good Housekeeping: 4 easy sugar swaps: breakfast
Grimsby Telegraph: Breakfast cereal portions contain 'as much sugar as over seven chocolate fingers'
The Grocer: Responsibility Deal isn't working, say campaigners
Independent: These are the most sugar-packed cereals aimed at your children
i100 from the Independent: These are the 10 most sugary breakfast cereals (and the 10 least)
just-food: Cereal faces fresh criticism over sugar content  
Mail Online: The kids' cereals with more sugar in one bowl that SEVEN chocolate fingers
Metro: Children’s cereals now have as much sugar as SEVEN chocolate fingers
Mirror: Children's breakfast cereal has THREE SPOONFULS of sugar in every bowl
Parent Dish: Many children's breakfast cereals contain as much sugar as seven chocolate fingers
Parenting Without Tears: Check your cereals for sugar content
Stoke Sentinel: Breakfast cereals 'more sugary now than in 2012'
Yahoo Lifestyle: You Won't Believe How Much Sugar Breakfast Cereals Still Contain



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