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Food Standards Agency Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker

4 February 2019

A new survey by the Food Standards Agency shows that concerns about the amount of sugar in food is still a top issue for the public.  The top wider food issues of concern were the amount of sugar in food (50%), food waste (49%), food prices (46%), and animal welfare (43%).

Sugar replaced food price as the top concern from Waves 1-10 (November 2010 – May 2015). Concern about sugar has risen more than any other concern in this survey, from 39% at Wave 1 to 55% at Wave 16 (+16%). However, concern about sugar has decreased in Wave 17 (-5%) but still remains the top concern at 50%.

Read the full report here

Holly Gabriel, Nutrition Campaigner for Action on Sugar says: “This survey clearly shows that excessive amounts of sugar in food and drink is of great concern to the public. Food manufacturers and retailers must do more to reduce sugar in products and improve the nutritional quality of the food they sell.  Much stricter measures need to be in place to ensure progress is being made by the food industry."




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