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The campaign against sugar is not one that Action on Sugar can do without the support of its followers. 

What can you do? 
If you would like to get involved, we would welcome your support. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

Put pressure on the food industry: 
Supermarkets and other food providers such as schools or hospitals claim that no-one has ever told them they want foods with less sugar. Unless consumers demand it, they see no need for change. You can help by adding your voice and asking for healthier options to be available. Why not write to food suppliers. 

Ask for less sugar in your food: 
When eating out, why not try asking the serving staff or chef to let you choose how much sugar they put in foods such as sauces, curries or salad dressing. Perhaps try complaining to the management if you have an unnecessarily sweet tasting meal. 

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Good luck! 

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