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There is a clear association between food and drink marketing and the rise in childhood and adolescent obesity. Currently in the UK, broadcast advertising continues to be the most dominant promotional channel of unhealthy food promotion. 

Current restrictions clearly do not go far enough, and allow for loopholes to be exploited. Within the non-broadcast media such as the internet (below the line), there are currently no legal restrictions on unhealthy food marketing aimed at children let alone risk prone adolescents. 

Action on Sugar recommend a total ban on advertising and marketing, both above and below the line, of unhealthy foods that are high in saturated fats, sugar and salt, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks as defined by the current FSA/Ofcom nutrient profiling model, to protect children and adolescents. This should be monitored and enforced by a body independent of the advertising industry, and not funded by the food industry.

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