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Action on Sugar


Our mission is to achieve a reduction in free sugars intake in the UK and ensure it contributes to less than 5% of total energy intake.

By working to reach a consensus with food manufacturers and Government that there is strong evidence that free sugars are a major cause of obesity and have other adverse health effects, we aim to create sustainable policies and systems that enable reduced free sugars intake.


  • To ensure that children are highlighted as a particularly vulnerable group whose health is more at risk from high free sugars intakes
  • To persuade food processors and suppliers to universally and gradually reduce the free sugars content of processed foods
  • To conduct a Parliamentary campaign to ensure the Government and Department of Health take action, and that, if the food industry does not comply with the sugar targets, they will enact legislation or impose a sugars tax
  • To ensure the body of scientific evidence about the dangers of excessive refined free sugars consumption becomes translated into policy by the Government and relevant professional organisations
  • To work with other organisations and stakeholders in order to maximise the message about what is a healthy diet, ensuring this includes reducing the current national high free sugars intake
  • To work with experts around the world, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and individual ministries of health and other relevant bodies
  • To ensure clear and comprehensive nutritional labelling of free sugars content of all processed foods and beverages, using the recommended traffic light system
  • To educate the public in becoming more sugar aware in terms of understanding the impact of added sugar on their health, checking labels when shopping and avoiding products with high levels of free sugars.




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