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17th February 2016

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AOL - 'Dangerously' high sugar levels found in High St cafes' hot drinks
Asia One - Beware the sugar content in your favourite drink
Bakery Info - Action on Sugar rounds on coffee shops
BBC News - 'Shocking' sugar levels in High Street hot drinks, warns charity
CBS News - Do you know how much sugar is in your Starbucks drink?
City A.M. - Starbucks, Costa, KFC and Caffe Nero top list of worst offenders as research finds up to 25 teaspoons of sugar in hot drinks from coffee outlets
Closer - How much sugar is really in your morning coffee? (Spoiler: A LOT!)
CNBC - Starbucks responds to ‘shocking’ sugar accusation
CNN - Your Starbucks drink may have 25 spoons of sugar in it
Cosmetic Dentistry Guide - Dentists Call for Swift Action Following Hot Drinks Report
Cornish Guardian - These are the high street chains serving drinks with up to 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup
Daily Mail Online - The shocking amount of sugar in your favourite hot drinks: Investigation reveals some contain up to 25 teaspoons per cup
Daily Meal - More Than One-Third of Starbucks Drinks Contain as Much Sugar as a Can of Coca-Cola, Study Says - Coffee chains sell up to 25 teaspoons of sugar in hot drinks, Action on Sugar reports
Express and Star - 'Dangerously' high sugar levels found in High St cafes' hot drinks
Gloucester Citizen - Tax on sugary drinks could save 3.7million people from obesity, say charities
Gloucestershire Echo - Shocking new figures show some high street coffees have THREE TIMES recommended daily sugar
Huffington Post - Nation's Favourite Hot Drinks Contain Up To 25 Teaspoons Of Sugar, 'Shocking' Report Reveals
Huffington Post - Some Starbucks Drinks Have More Sugar Than A Milkshake
India Today - Beware! Your morning cuppa coffee contains up to 25 teaspoons of sugar
ITV News - Shockingly high sugar levels found in coffee shop drinks
Liberty Voice - The Starbucks Sugar Overdose
Look - The Shocking Amount of Sugar in Your Starbucks
Lytham St Annes Express - 'Shocking’ amounts of sugar added to coffee chains’ drinks
Mail Online - Call to label sugar in fizzy drinks by the teaspoon to help parents and children understand just what they contain
Marketing Magazine - Coffee chains attacked over sugar content of speciality drinks ... and more
Medical Daily - Most Coffee Drinks Contain More Sugar Than A Coca-Cola, 'Action On Sugar' Report Finds
Medical News Daily - Shocking amount of sugar found in many hot flavoured drinks
Men's Health - How much sugar is in your coffee?
Men's Health - These Starbucks Drinks Have Over 10 Teaspoons Of Sugar Per Cup
Mid-Day Daily - Starbucks sells sugar bombs in cups of all sizes
New Food Magazine - ‘Dangerously’ high sugar content in many hot flavoured drinks, says Action on Sugar
New Scientist - Without a sugar tax, obesity strategy has fat chance of success
News Quench - Through the roof sugar content sparks debate over labeling beverages
News Shopper - You could be drinking as much sugar in your morning coffee as there is in a can of coke, Starbucks drinks the worst in survey
NH Voice - Starbucks rated as Top Offender in using Excessive Amount of Sugar in its Drinks
RTE news - Group warns over sugar levels in hot drinks
Sky News - Up To 25 Spoons Of Sugar In Cafe Hot Drinks
Statesman - Starbucks drinks have up to 25 teaspoons of sugar
St Helens Reporter - ‘Shocking’ amounts of sugar added to coffee chains’ drinks
Sunderland Echo - 'Dangerously' high sugar levels found in coffee chains: 25 spoonfuls in one Starbucks beverage
Telegiz - Starbucks drinks: Coffee shops sell many beverages with more sugar than can of Coke: Study
The Canary - Your morning Starbucks might contain 25 teaspoons of sugar in a single cup
The Drum - How coffee chains can stop the sweet taste of sugar turning sour for customers
The Grocer - Action on Sugar guns for Starbucks and Costa
The Guardian - The cafes serving drinks with 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup
The Guardian - Chai latte: the all-conquering beverage causing a storm in a coffee cup
The Independent - The food industry's sweet trickery goes far beyond white chocolate mochas
The Independent - One third of hot drinks in high-street chains 'as sugary as Coca-Cola'
The Independent - Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero respond to ‘shocking’ sugar levels in hot drinks
The Independent - Sugar: Why our obsession with 'the new smoking' threatens to overwhelm us all
The Metro - Your Starbucks order could contain more sugar than Coca Cola
The Middle Ground - How much sugar is there in your ice blended coffee?
The Mirror - Fizzy drink giants called to label products with number of teaspoons of sugar
The Portsmouth News - Call for fizzy drink sugar labeling
The Straits Times - Beware the sugar content in your favourite drink
The Sun - Is your morning coffee making you fat?
The Sun - This Starbucks favourite has 25 teaspoons of sugar in it... and your other high street coffee chain drinks are just as bad
The Telegraph - Of course Starbucks' drinks are full of sugar. Go to a proper coffee shop instead
The Telegraph - Up to 25 spoons of sugar in coffee shop drinks
The Week - Sugar quiz: how much is in your hot drink?
US News - Your Starbucks drink might contain 25 teaspoons on sugar
Wired - A single drink sold in Starbucks contains 25 teaspoons of sugar
Yorkshire Post - I’ll have a Starbucks mulled fruit and 25 sugars, please